Alan & Kayli

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alan & Kayli: A love story

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by sylvia day

When our grand prize-winner Alan spotted the beautiful dancer Kayli at the Hawaiian luau where he worked as a server, he couldn't take his eyes off her. Eventually, he put up a sign asking if she would be his girlfriend—the catch was that only the “Yes” card hung within reach. 2018 was a hectic year for Alan, Kayli, and their beloved state of Hawaii. From a nuclear scare to a dangerous hurricane, Alan's work as a firefighter placed him at the center of some of the year's most frightening events. This year, Kayli—who is studying to be a special education teacher for the deaf—was also crowned Miss Oahu and 4th runner-up in the Miss Hawaii pageant. But the couple stayed strong though it all, and were able to end the year on a high note. With Diamond Foundry's help, Alan planned an epic treasure hunt proposal that took the couple to the sky, land, and sea, culminating at the very place where Alan first asked Kayli to be his girlfriend. Surrounded by family and friends, she said "Yes!"

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day wrote this story about their inspiring love, accompanied by an original illustration by Alessandra Olanow.

There is a place surrounded by jeweled beaches in the midst of a vast ocean. Clustered as islands, the land is one of mesmerizing beauty. Rushing water tumbles down rugged cliffs, while aquamarine shores caress sands of gold and obsidian, emerald and ruby. Warm breezes carry the fragrance of brightly hued flowers and the salt of the sea. Molten rock bubbles from the ground in a continuous cycle of rebirth and renewal. It is in this place of legendary hospitality that a boy who would one day tame fire first began to dream of the woman who would win his heart. She was to be confident and compassionate, as well as fair of form. A child of the islands, like him, she would know the rhythm of their birthplace in her veins and become a female of remarkable grace. She would tell stories with the exquisite flow of her arms and hands, her bare feet nimble as she moved. She would be adventurous and amusing, a woman who would share his love of life and the beautiful place where they lived.

The Bond

Years passed, but his vision of her never faded. He grew into a fine young man, a hard worker in pursuit of his goals. He welcomed visitors to his island home with feasts and revelry. Draped in fragrant wreaths of welcome and seated in the glow of torchlight, guests enjoyed the food he served them as well as the music and dancing around them. He didn’t expect to find her there, the girl of his dreams. But there she was, one among others but unlike anyone else. She danced, as he might have once thought she might. She was beautiful, as he’d once hoped she would be. But it was her humor that proved she was the one for him.

That’s her, he thought. That’s the girl I dreamt about. How could he win her, this woman above all others? He feared he had no chance. Help me, he asked her friends, desperate to reach her. Ask me yourself, she challenged. It would take courage to earn such a prize. Will you speak to me? Will you be only with me? Will you let me take you behind waterfalls and on treasure hunts? Will you dive with me into the waters and soar above the clouds? Will you marry me? And she answered every request with yes.


A new chapter
alan & kayli to the moon and back Alessandra Olanow
Alessandra Olanow